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Buy Enphase IQ Series microinverters and accessories at an attractive rate from us. We are authorized distributors of Enphase products and accessories across India.


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IQ7+ Microinverter

Suited for Solar Panels of Capacity upto 400 Wp

IQ 7A Microinverter

Suited for Solar Panels of Capacity upto 460 Wp

Envoy & Accessories

Envoy & Accessories for Configuration & Installation




1,000,000 hour reliability test

Enphase  microinverters are designed for 25 years. The standard Inverter warranty of 10 years can be extended to 25 years at a very low cost. Warranty extension is as low as INR 400 per micro for every five year warranty extension.

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Customer Safety First

Enphase Microinverters convert the direct current from your solar modules to grid-compliant AC before that energy ever leaves the microinverter. There is no high voltage DC running across your roof or through your attic with an Enphase system—only safe, grid compliant AC, the same that powers your other appliances. With an “old school” solar system using a string inverter, all the solar modules are connected in series to reach the very high voltage required to power the inverter. DC Arcs are a known fire hazard and is risky for customers in the long run.


Up to 25% More Energy from Solar Modules

With Enphase microinverters each solar module produces power independently of each other. This allows maximization of power extraction from each solar module, irrespective of mismatch in their production. Many factors such as soiling, shading, moving clouds, ageing or temperature difference among modules can cause this mismatch. 

End customer can also monitor each solar modules power production in an Enphase system. This will ensure ease of maintenance and cleaning of solar modules.

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